Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Katie's Christmas Teapot

Merry, merry one &all! Here's my entry to Susanna Hill's 3rd Annual Holiday Writing Contest. Check out her fab blog &read all the holiday tales! Mine is based on my favorite ornament which broke this year, my mom's hand painted glass teapot ornament. Though the teapot is now in shards,  the memory lives on in this tale.

Katie’s Christmas Teapot
      Christmas - more ho-hum than ho-ho! Katie thought. Last year Gramma and I had such fun!
      Cookie baking, present wrapping, story telling! Gramma rivaled Santa in those departments!
      But now? No Gramma to decorate ginger bread monsters with her! Katie chuckled remembering how the gingerbread overtook the oven. Gingerbread boys and girls the size of Abominable Snowmen marched onto the baking racks. Gramma and Katie decided to keep this special tradition every year.
      Now, no Gramma to wrap presents that gave tinsy hints at what lay inside. One Chrstimas Gramma wrapped a beautiful pearl in conch shell. Katie smiled at the memory as she stroked the pearl that dangled on a gold chain around her neck. It was special.
      Now? No Gramma to share the history of family ornaments that would grace the blue spruce tree in Katie’s family room.
     Today Katie waited impatiently as the family trimmed the tree. She wanted the SPECIAL ornaments, not those plastic ornaments from the discount store!
     I want the glass ornaments in the Shiny Brite boxes. They’re from Gramma’s tree! Katie almost screamed.
     Now, no Gramma. Gramma had died nearly two years ago.
    Christmas was not the same. How Katie wished for the gift of her Gramma!
    “Katie? Look at this.” Dad passed her an old gray box. He had ALMOST packed it away.   
     Katie examined it closely. A hand painted glass teapot peaked through the window-box opening. There on the box, written in a feathery manuscript, Katie read the words aloud, “Teapot. SPECIAL. My favorite one!”
     Gramma had given Katie one last gift…a Christmas teapot she would always treasure!



  1. Ah, everyone should have a special ornament in their life and on the tree! This was a sweet story. Sorry to hear your own special ornament broke though.

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I still have other ornaments that tell the story, but this one was given to me by my mom for my tree! Merry Christmas!

  3. Well done on turning such a precious memory into such a sweet story!

  4. I am loving these stories. Your entry deserves kudos. It was fun to read; so thanks for writing it. ~Jackie Wellington

  5. Jackie & Yvonne, so appreciate your support!

  6. Isn't it nice to have something special from our grandparents!

    1. Juliana, those ornaments bring back memories every year we put up the tree! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. My Oma gave me a glass ornament each Christmas. I've got Shiny Brites too! Happy Holidays, Kathy! :0)- Donna Sadd

  8. I'll be sure to bake ONE gingerbread monster this weekend among all the traditional men and women! Sweet story Kathy :-)

  9. What a lovely sweet story, Kathy! So hard for your MC to have lost her Gramma, but so nice that she got that one last special gift. Thanks for sharing this poignant story and for joining in the holiday contest fun!

  10. Loved hearing her memories of Gramma. You wrote a very sweet story, Kathy!

  11. Penny Klostermann & Michelle Heidrich Barnes - thanks for stopping by!

  12. oh such a lovely gift. remembering the special times can add a poignant edge to Christmas when a loved one is gone. Nicely done.

  13. This story made me smile. I like the sweet ending. :)