Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skeleton Cat - in November

No need to be afraid of Skeleton Cat by Kristyn Crow, illustrated by Dan Krall! I confuse to being a book hoarder at times, and with Skeleton Cat, I admit to hoarding him since early October. this cute rhyming picture book with plenty of onomatopoeia is just plain fun to read aloud and has a super rhythm! Plus this phat cat is ready to literally rock-n-roll as he auditions for the band as, what else? A drummer.
Lines like "He went: Rattle, rattle. Clink, clink. Rattle, rattle clink. Tip tap. Clickety-clack, ka-plink, ka-plink, ka-plink. He rocked and he rollicked and he clunked around, and the kids in a playground heard the rattlin' sound..." will have youngin's dancing  & a tapping. Great writer's mentor text for rhyme and rhythm! Gotta dance on over to the library & finally turn him in!
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