Monday, September 16, 2013

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

English: A Bengal tiger in the wild in Rantham...
We move aside today to let a wild cat into the dog pen, since this book is just too dog-gone good! I'm lucky to have a great indie bookstore nearby in Tempe, Changing Hands Book Store. They bring in a steady stream of  fab authors-adult, YA, children's. Last week we were treated with a visit from Peter Brown of Creepy Carrots fame, in town to promote his newest PB. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. As Peter says, we all have a bit of WILD in us that needs to escape now and then.
As a PB writer, I wanted to know what inspired this book. He harkened back to his 3rd grade classroom and a teacher admonishing him not to be wild. He also explained how hard it was to transition from recess to the calm & constraints of the classroom. Anyone who has ever taught knows of this treacherous time.
Author takeaway? REMEMBER THOSE TRUE TO LIFE KID FEELINGS to tap into universal topics kids experience daily. The books is visually stunning, done in muted tones with that ORANGE popping out as a contrast. Did not know it's more expensive to add orange to a book. The case cover (a new term for me) is also a visual treat-black & orange tiger stripes with texture. Read it today, you'll ROAR with delight. 
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